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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sr. Brad’s Ballot Picks for 2012:

Well, Boys and Girls, it is a BIG Ballot this year, and you all know what THAT means?

                                       Big PENCILS! 

 President:              Obama/ Biden

Guess who I voted for?!?!?!

United States Senate:   
Carmona, Richard

U.S. Representative in Congress, District 2:

Barber, Ron

State Senator, District 9:
Farley, Steve

Representative, District 9 (Vote for 2): Sidwah, Mohur Sarah and Steele, Victoria

Corporation Commission (Vote for 3): Busching, Marcia; Kennedy, Sandra; Newman, Paul

Board of Supervisors, District 5: Elias, Richard

County Attorney: LaWall, Barbara

Sherriff: Dupnik, Clarence

County Recorder: Rodriguez, F. Ann

County Treasurer: Richardson, Elaine

County Assesor: Staples, Bill

County Superintendant of Schools: Arzoumanian, Linda Lee (GOP) See, I can do it....

Constable: Dorgan, Mary C.

Pima College Governing Board Dist #5: NOT incumbents Marty Cortez or Vicki Marshall. BOTH were enablers to historic corruption. Depending upon your District, I pick Richard Fridena and Sylvia Lee.

TUSD School Board:  UPDATE 10/20/12: Ralph Ellinwood, Betts Putnam-Hidalgo and JUAREZ.  I originally picked Stegeman, but follow-ups from readers indicated they believe Stegeman operated in bad faith with teachers unions and unnecessarily complicated the Mexican American Studies discussion.  Clearly my 5 hours of initial research were NOT enough.  :-(

Retain All Judges:  "YES".... with PARTICULAR YES-ness for The Honorable: Karen Adam, Jane Eikleberry, Leslie Miller, Virginia Kelly, Paul Tang, Sarah Simmons and Jan Kearney.


Prop #114: Crime Victim Liability- NO. Bcz the Legislature RLY wants this and it smells of the Koch brothers.  This isn't what it looks like.  In application a YES could limit the rights to recovery of LOTS of plaintiffs.... and protect 1% corporate perps.

Prop #115: Judicial Selection- HELL NO! Please preserve an independent Judiciary.

Prop #116: Business Tax Exemption- NO. This is a MAJOR tax break for the 1%, and will hit the counties HARD.

Prop #117: Property Tax Limit- (Per Blog for Arizona) "F*CK NO!" Would enable WingNuts to starve the government, then drag it to the bathtub and drown it.... THEN, they’ll take over.

Prop #118: State Land Fund Distribution- NO. Legislators just trolling for more cash and give backs to their 1% donors.

Prop #119: State Land Exchanges- YES. Sierra Club supports it.

Prop #120: State Sovereignty- NO, "... and YOU can keep that tinfoil hat, Buddy."

Prop #121: Top Two Primaries- NO. Because the League of Women Voters tells me so.

Prop #204: Sales Tax Extension for Education- YES

Prop #409: Municipal Bonds- YES

Thursday, April 21, 2011

One Night Only!

These cactus bloom only once a year, and at night... by day, the flowers shrivel when hit by sunlight. I was able to get these photos before the full sun hit the the blooms and destroyed them. ...something about fleeting beauty... blah, blah.....